Winter Term Lecture

24 10 2016

Also this semester I will give a lecture on Nuclear and Reactor Physics at the University of Bielefeld.

The 2017 lecture will be held as a block course from February,  13th to 21st followed by an excursion to the Asse II mine. The lecture will give a general overview on nuclear and rector physics and explain concepts of the nuclear fuel cycle with some emphasize on the storage of nuclear waste.

New Research Article

17 02 2016

A new research article of mine was accepted by the journal “Annals of Nuclear Energy“. You can check the preprint on the arxiv. The work is about modeling issues of experimental data to derive experimental covariance matrices.

Back to university

6 09 2015

After a long period of silence, it’s time to reanimate this blog again. The reason is a practical one: Starting from this semester I will give regularly lectures at the University of Bielefeld. You will find some more information about what I will probably talk about in the section Nuclear Physics.

Anti-Neutrinos famous all around the World

5 04 2013

The article “Does the CMB prefer a leptonic Universe” and the featured story on received some unexpected  attention. I was quite surprised…! Here is a small selection of articles I am aware of:

Very exciting to find my name in so many languages! Thanks to all the writers for mentioning my work! wrote about our work

22 03 2013

Lisa Zyga from wrote a nice summary about our work on relic anti-neutrinos. You can find it here.

Does the CMB prefer a leptonic universe? — published

18 03 2013

The latest article of Dominik Schwarz and me is published. You can find it here. We were invited to publish it in the New Journal of Physics, which has a nice concept: the writer has to pay for publishing. The benfit for you as a reader is, that all articles are open acces. Moreover, we also shot a video abstract as a small appetizer to our idea that the cosmic microwave background observations prefer anti-neutrinos. If you like science the more “classical” way without videos but still free, you can also find our article on the arXiv.


13 03 2013

We extended our previous analysis in “Does the CMB prefer a leptonic universe?“. Including the newest data of the Atacama Cosmology Telescope, the Southpole Telescope and the final data analysis of the WMAP Satellite sharpens our idea! A neutrino chemical potential explains naturally the higher helium fraction, but keeps the effective numbers of neutrinos close to the standard value. Check figure 2 in our article. Dominik Schwarz an me shot a small video about our work. It will be published soon…